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Why can't I find my website on Google? That's a good question, and we have the answers.

Just because a website exists doesn't guarantee, that Google will recognise it. Our Aberdeen, Scotland based SEO experts can help your website do more for your business; attract visitors & drive conversion.

Why Need a Mobile App for your Business?

An ace SEO consultant ensures that your website is found quickly and easily. Our Aberdeen, Glasgow & Edinburgh based team of SEO specialists spearhead your promotion campaign to ensure a successful digital performance for your business. We comprise of the finest and the most dedicated technical leads, creative's, writers, designers and developers in Scotland.

We work in close quarters with our clients to develop an SEO strategy that captures the story of their business right! We help a brand to connect to their audience and build relationships that last long time! At the end of the day, the increase in revenue and online success of our clients speak for themselves!

SEO Consultancy

We provide an insight into our SEO analytics and strategy building and what exactly you can expect from us in terms of result-oriented online marketing. We help you sketch the picture right for your SEO needs and identify the best SEO package that would work best for you!

Keyword & Market Research

We base our goal-oriented online marketing roadmap on pure market research and root-level keyword research that ensures you have the right mix of high traffic business keywords. We also keep a strong vigil on the current market trends along with an in-depth analysis of your immediate competition.

Technical Audit

We use the latest and established SEO spider crawling software along with our skilled team of SEO experts who conduct technical audit of your website. The main aim is to analyze the website based on various SEO parameters. We discover and fix errors on the website to ensure smooth search engine crawling, indexing and maximum visibility of the website.

Onsite SEO

We ensure that your website is fit for the search engine! We analyze and improvise on different SEO elements such as website’s structure, interlinking of pages, Meta tags, image alt tags, ease of navigation, keyword density, landing page optimization and other important SEO parameters. Our on-page SEO includes an all-around insight into the search engine friendliness of the website, its potential and scope of improvement.

Penalty Recovery

If your website has been penalized by the search engine or is facing poor backlink reviews, our team of experienced SEO experts come to your aid! We provide our years of understanding and services in link audits and backlink reviews to ensure recovering from penalty and poor search engine performance. We also ensure that your website and its structure is as per the latest Google algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin and so on.

Link Building

Link building continues to remain an essential part of online marketing and is given the top most priority by our team of link building specialists along with a team of proficient content marketers, PR experts and online reputation builders. We ensure that your website reaps the maximum benefits of this old yet sure-shot technique of building links with the top rated and high traffic websites.

Content Marketing

If you are seen and not heard well, then there is a gap in your communication tactics! We use compelling and accurate content that forms the basis of our successful online marketing campaigns. We help you reach out to the target audience, using an array of marketing channels and convey the message effectively with the use of quality content and through the right process.


We use our experience, market goodwill and wide reach in the market to help you build and develop strong reputation online. Our contacts with some of the best publishers, bloggers and influencers who have helped us established brands and businesses across various industries. We use competitive, latest and intelligent content to market your products and services efficiently.


Once the final draft is ready, it is important to give it the form of a copy! We help your final content reach the right target market through the efforts of our online marketing specialists. The use of the right medium and implementing the right SEO strategy helps in sharing your message effectively and on time.

Infographics & Interactive Content

Interactivity is the key to establishing a strong bond with your target market and ensuring their involvement. We use our team of highly creative, result-oriented and proficient designers, visualizers, and website developers that help create the latest marketing material such as infographics, video content, and other interactive content to engage the online users.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is big and roaring past other media of online communication. You can be yourself for sure! How about striking a conversation with your potential customer, or sharing a video with them or posting an interesting fact about your company history? The avenues are wide and far when it comes to social media promotion of your media on the top social networks and channels.

Reporting & Analysis

We understand that tracking and analyzing your current marketing practices is imperative to the on-going success of your website. Hence, we create and share monthly reports on your website’s performance, visibility, conversion rate and Return on Investment (ROI). This further helps you determine your marketing revenue and SEO share for the following months

How can we help you?

We are here to listen to you and understand your requirement! We work with your as digital partner right through the initial free consultation to regular discussions over a cup of Joe. If you have an idea, we have a team that has the experience, the skills and the motivation to turn into reality!

We thrive on our strong and wide clientele across Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and various other parts of Scotland & England. Our commitment to client satisfaction has earned us the market goodwill and we enjoy a fair influx of client referrals throughout the year.

You may call us to speak about your SEO needs for your business. Or, write to us to receive a quick quote. We offer an initial free consultation to our prospective clients to help us understand your business better and offer you the best service package and pricing scheme that suits your needs and budget appropriately.

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