10 Tips for Right Colour Pallet selection for your Website

By admin
August 26, 2015

So much has been written in print and web about Colour Psychology. Advertisers, print artists and today, web designers have been employing the colour play of the different palettes to make the lasting impression on the audience or target market. One can either inspire a number of emotions or convey the business message artistically to the prospect. So, how really does a “black” differ from a “blue”? What is so unique and special about the meanings of colours and how they affect the human mind and the power of information processing? Here are some amazing tips to help you select the right colour pallet for your website.  

  1. What Do the Women Want?
In a recent survey, it was clearly established that women prefer certain colours over others on a website. These include Blue, Purple and Green. They are not very fond of three other colours which are not seen as preferable for feminine or women-oriented websites. The least preferred colours include Gray, Orange and Brown. So, you might not find a lot of cosmetic websites with these colours. Barring a few, of course!  

  1. What Do the Men Prefer?
Men have a die-hard leaning towards the strong and masculine colours such as Black, Blue as well as Green. However, most men-oriented websites such as fitness websites, sports and so on do not have colours such as purple, orange and brown. These three are considered less on preference by the men. A recent survey makes it clear that Black, Blue and Green continue to be masculine colours till date!  

  1. Blue Reflects Trust
If you think blue is a very common colour and you don’t need it, think again! Most people around you, love blue! They enjoy the peace and trust that they reap out of the colour. It reflects professionalism along with a lot of decorum to begin with. Hence, it is one of the most used colours on a website.  

  1. Yellow Reflects Warning
Motor driving schools as well as taxi companies use a lot of Yellow colour palette for their website. Yellow is a colour of warning. Even wet floors signs are in this colour. More often, Yellow is also used to reflect bright or cheerful website. It is also associated with good memories in many cases.  

  1. Go Green!
Green is the synonymous name for environment and even something that is healthy. The colour is used to symbolize good health, environmental and outdoor products, nature, organic products etc.  

  1. Peppy Orange
Orange is a fun-filled and energetic colour. It is vivacious and full of impulse. If you need to denote youth, children events or sports, any form of physical activity or competition, this is your “it” colour. It also reflects confidence and courage!  

  1. Black is Class and Luxury
Black is a strong and bold colour. You can think of elegance and style, glamour and fashion, luxury and sophistication, power and value; all in one go in terms of the black colour. It is used by luxurious brands and high-end ecommerce websites.  

  1. Use of Bright primary colours
If you need to highlight a particular section or a call to action, select bright primary colours that are conspicuous and leave a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors.  

  1. Before you forget white, space matters!
The new-age website designers give a lot of impetus to white space in the design. The cluttered look has given way to a more organized and spacious appearance. White space is used on the website to showcase freedom as well.  

  1. Business Themes
Lastly, nothing connects better than staying close to the main theme or story of the website. Identify the main essence of your business and select the right identity for it.



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