Holidaying is a great way to unwind but to top it up with the feeling of content, you can select from a number of opportunities to volunteers while you are vacationing. GVI brings global volunteering opportunities at various destinations to help you take a break and also contribute to the welfare and development of a community. These volunteering opportunities include wildlife, women empowerment, education and other reform programs.

Brand DeZign understands the need of proper management of customer information and automating back-end processes to benefit the organization as well as volunteers and running the different programs. Our Salesforce CRM integration service has helped in aligning and better management of volunteer/ customer records at GVI.


It was a pleasure to team up with the fore-thinking and motivated team at GVI. We ensured that the concern of proper data management and customer relationship support is well addressed to with an automated and advanced CRM solution in the form of Salesforce platform.

We carefully analyzed the requirements of GVI and its wide volunteer data base and helped move its contents to a robust Salesforce platform. GVI is now powered by the unique and effective tools of Salesforce with integration of various CRM-based tools.


  • Automated and dynamic backend support for GVI
  • Automate the coordination between the different processes
  • Integrate tools on the website
  • Ensure smooth upgrade to cloud-based CRM solution
  • Expert Salesforce support and training


  • Ensure no loss of data and easy transition
  • Efficient and hassle-free Salesforce integration
  • Customization of the platform to suit the website needs
  • On-going documentation and reporting needs
  • Training staff and executives on


Brand DeZign team is a salesforce genius, and has proven themselves to be a superb salesforce engineers and developers.

Andy Woods-Ballard, Director of Business Development –


Salesforce customization and integration needs the expertise of a market veteran. We have worked closely with the client to understand their CRM needs and have ensured smooth automation and coordination between the various process and top-notch data management for the GVI website.


Website Design & Development


  • Responsive & mobile-friendly
  • UI/UX Design
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • CSS


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