Bakery & Food Court

End to end food ordering solution for your Bakery / Food Court to handle faster service model

Website Development
  • Customer finds you and your stunning website & address on the web
Ordering / e-commerce Integration
  • Customer makes the order selection on the counter
  • Operator takes the order on the Windows or iOS based POS
  • Customer makes a cash or a card payment
Kitchen Routing & Printing
  • Order appears on the kitchen ordering screen
  • Once accepted by chef, system initiates the print
Dispatch Management
  • Order gets ready for delivery
  • Happy customer receives the food on-time
Inventory Control
  • Order Inventory - Based on current stock & consumption
  • Generate number of weekly, monthly & yearly reports
  • 24 x 7 Customer support
Online Marketing
  • Offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service allowing people to search business online


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