Top 5 Web Design Trends of Summer 2016

By admin
July 12, 2016

Web design is a territory that develops a new terrain and gives rise to new landscape time and again. We find a sea of changes in the way the websites are designed and presented today. The long scroll is quickly replacing the clever bread crumbs and the flash animations giving way to simpler and more unconventional flat designs. Welcome to the new age of brilliance in web design!

At Brand DeZign, we bring you the very latest and happening trends from the World Wide Web. Today, we focus on what’s in and roaring in the world of web design. What has become so interesting about the story telling ideas of the recent years? Why just about every big name on the online domain is trying to convey a message in the most subtle and interactive way on the website? Let us discover the rocking 5 web design trends that are among the most popular in usage. Let’s dissect and find what really has caught of the web designers, marketers and users of late in terms of high user experience in web design.

Top 5 web design trends from Experts:

1. The Designs are almost flat now!

Talk about flat designs, then cometh the almost flat designs that are rocking the Internet. Who better to lead the bandwagon than the search giant Google! The almost flat design of Google is popular and catching up the trend. It is neat, clean and has an appealing layout even though it’s brilliantly simple. More and more websites are trekking this road and visitor are enjoying this fresh almost flat design look.

2. Illustrations are unconventional and intriguing!

Be ready for more hand-drawn and interesting illustrations on the website. Gone are the days when a lot of graphics and special effects were used on the images or illustrations. The best part about these illustrations is that they offer a complete unique personality to a website. You can now find caricatures, cartoons, hand-drawn roadmaps, process flow and more on the website. These are more interactive and easy to understand by the visitors.

3. Storytelling like an Expert!

Storytelling has been one of the most welcome trends in the web design arena. Now, don’t we enjoy the long scrolling websites that jump a visitor from concept of the business to its services in an interactive and fun way? The newcomers as well as the best in the business use storytelling in their web design as well as content to leave a lasting impression! Such websites with a storytelling theme offer an interactive user interface with high usability and fluid navigation.

4. More breathing space

A cluttered website is a complete no-no! More and more web designers are making a cleaner choice over a more loaded website. The use of white space has increased in the recent past. The best of web designs are neat and tidy. The more you use white space on the website, the more breathing space for the content. The content get easily absorbed by the visitors and the objective of the website is fulfilled in this regard. Therefore, your websites are better received and appreciated if they have the judicious use of the white space.

5. Responsive continues to rule!

Mobile-friendly and cross platform websites continue to rule the roost! Web designs have gone responsive and enjoy the multi-device compatibility tag. They are user-friendly and easy-to-operate and are popular in the long scroll format. The responsive web design is refusing to leave the market as their popularity is only soaring high day after day. They are still considered very effective in the current web design scene as well.

Brand Dezign continues to go with the flow and incorporate the latest from the world of web design into our creations. We offer the best and the most 'in" thing happening in web design strategy and using them to build inspiring and contemporary websites.



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